One Tale of Life and Art in Honolulu

Ever since I first started going to the Honolulu Museum of Art, when it was called the Honolulu Academy of Arts, I pretended I lived there. Depending on my mood, I'd linger in a particular courtyard. The Chinese courtyard if I was at peace. The Mediterranean courtyard if I was cheery. Thankful. The courtyard with the Lipschitz statue "Mother and Child" if I felt melancholy. I'd stroll through the art galleries, my hands interlaced behind my back, as if I were giving my friends a tour of my home. 

Tucked away in the back is the Doris Duke Theatre, my pretend home movie room. One of the only places in Honolulu to see incredible film festival level films. Hear thought provoking lectures or concerts. The place I had my first date with my now husband (His idea. Of course that scored points with me).

Now we all enjoy the exhibitions and films- my husband, my kids, and me. The four of us watched an especially good film in our pretend home movie room this weekend. BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez.  It offered context to Sonia Sanchez's words. Personal context. Social context. Political context. Her words were spoken by her. By those who respect and admire her. Her words that inspire. Words that are alive. Words that shake and tug. Empower and enlighten. Embrace and caress. Love.

"The poet's poet," as Mos Def said.

When asked why she writes, Sonia Sanchez said, "I wanted to tell people how I became a woman with razor blades between her teeth.