New Zealand Hip Hop Film Goes Hundies

Born to Dance, New Zealand's first hip hop dance film, does not disappoint. Released September 2015, it's wicked choreography and local talent take the story of a young man (Tu Kaea, champion hip hop dancer Tia Maipi)  from an underprivileged Auckland suburb driven by his passion for hip hop dance to another level. No spoilers, but by the end of the film, you can't help but love everyone on a certain crew and strongly dislike those on another crew. The last dance scene is epic- not only in the tight moves but also in the way it shows the heart of those dancing. 

The one thing I wish was that the film had a strong local female lead. Tu's best friend was a powerful young local woman, but she had more of a supporting role. I guess they could have made Tu's love interest local. Although she had more of a supporting role as well. 

Still, Born to Dance is an electrifying,  feel-the-bass-in-your-chest, and get-you-outta-yo-seat-cuz-you-can't-help-but-dance film that also depicts some of the struggles of adolescence. And I loved it.