I'm not popular

Not as a kid and not thus far

But I ain't lookin' to be a star

On social media cuz my followers are few

I ain't searchin' for validation in numbers

But in the wonders

Of how I overcame my ordeal

Cuz my struggles have been real

And no one knows the raw deal

How the hand I was dealt was tattered

And I repeated patterns

But I'm not schemin' to get yo' sympathy

No. Cuz what I got now is empathy

And I'm usin' it everyday

To give back to those without sway

Hopin' I can provide emotional aid

A mental band aid

To kids and teens who are dismayed

And persuade

Them to keep tryin'

Cuz it ain't worth dyin'

For , and life can get better by far

Even if you're not popular.