Mental Anguish is Real

#mentalhealthawareness #teeninspiration #keepingitreal

Mental anguish is real

And I know how it feels

To have your mind tell you

You're nothing and your brain is wired to stew

On harsh thoughts, grim feelings

It's something I've been dealing 

With for as long as I can remember

But I work hard everyday not to surrender

To the negativity, doing everything I can

To stay upbeat and that's why my game plan 

Included becoming an adolescent psychiatrist

Because I get the gist 

Of how a teen's mind can twist

Their views and so I strive to assist

And instruct teens on how to resist

The thoughts of killing themselves

And help them learn how to love themselves

At teen clinics, youth correctional facilities, and hospitals I've done outreach

But now I'm trying another method to reach

Teens- by social media I beseech

By showing how I practice what I preach

So all these instagram photos of me are not for attention

But to show how I find personal ascension

Despite my past circumstances

And my sights are on future advances

And I hope to motivate

Teens to keep pushing to ameliorate

Their despair, to communicate

And strive for emancipation

From mental subjugation.