#REALationship #anniversary #rhyme

Here's my REALationship Anniversary Rhyme

Because it's high time

That I bust a rhyme

For my true love flame


And it comes gift wrapped

With a chronological photo recap…

There are those who may decry with judgemental sighs

But in these past photos of us no one can deny

The early date gleam in my eye

The wedding day sway in my hips

That continues to this day to a level that eclipses

The halfway mark where many couples stagnate and deny, but that’s not our script.

No. We’ve made it to the love championships.

It started eighteen years ago when you became my boo

And it’s been fourteen years since we said our I do’s

But it’s not those singular events that matter most

And on this our anniversary day it’s our couple’s journey that I hope we toast

Cuz ain’t that what a relationship is- the way two people deal with each other and are connected

And we’re harder, better, faster, stronger now- Daft Punk perfected

And Kanye redirected

So when we went through the unexpected

It didn’t kill us and we got stronger somehow

Than at the start, I think cuz we’ve been open to what others may disavow—how

Personal growth continues even after two people unite

And while I fixed my many faults you kept your sight

On the real me who needed to emerge

But first I had to purge that which shaped me- diverge

From old apple tree paradigms

And even though you’ve got your own rhyme for your individual climb

Know that I am your partner in crime

Know that I want to keep spending the good times, the bad times, my lifetime

With you—the man, my really good man, rare indeed, who can actualize

A  sense of himself that dignifies

And we’ve crystallized that it takes two to make a thing go right

It takes two to make it out of sight

Like Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock said

We found the profoundness in the words and made it our watershed

And we keepin’ it Young MC when we bust a move

Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop this Indipino groove.