Ride or Die Ba & the Swadhist Khawanu Crew

Yo yo yo

My Gujju cousins in da house

Know how to bounce

When the vaagar gets sizzlin'

Cuz pretty soon if you ain't distancing

Yo'self you gonna be douse-d

In dat aroma permeating through da house

Jeera, methi, rai, thul, hing

Are gonna spread their seed wings

And sting

Ya & leave ya wit curry cologne around da clock 

But even though we mock

The prep we slink around and stalk

The finished cuisine like hungry hawks

Circling the daal, bhatt, rotli, and shaak

Trying not to push our dada

Out of the way tryin' to get the dhebra

Dokla, undhiu, and patra

Come on Gujju peeps don't front or disagree

Wit' me

As I'm spittin' my culinary decree

Cuz ya know you a devotee

Of that papad, khichidi, and kadhi

Samosa, puri, and bakhri

And your ride or die ba

Be layin' out dem jelebi and ladwa

While you let go

Of all yo' manners and go commando

Over that haandawo

So that's where you'll find me and my crew

Cuz ya know we've gots to get dat bataka-nu-rasa-vara-shaak-stew

With laasuniu marchu!  

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