Science does testify

That to cry

Is to mollify

Strong emotion

And any impassioned feeling commotion

When you cry natural pain killers are released

And social support is increased

Studies show tears can mend

And I’m here to contend

That those who can’t defend

Or accurately say what they intend

Might wanna embrace

What they view as liquid disgrace

And I’m puttin’ in my two cents

To encourage my girls on the fence

About sheddin’ tears that cryin’ is a first line of defense

Against oppression and misogynistic aggression

Listen up cuz school’s in session

If you’ve been raised in a family or societal system

Where it’s been custom

For women to be silent

While the men are emotionally, physically, or sexually violent

Then let me address and assess

If your planned words are something you can’t express

And if you’re playing chess in yo' head while your vocal cords suppress

The truth you want to profess

Without the strength of your voice

You don’t have a choice

In remaining subjugated

And this might leave you devastated

And emotionally mutilated

With self-hatred

That’s where crying comes in to set a liquidy, lacrimal boundary

The first step to get you out of yo' familial or societal woman-hating quandary

Crying can profoundly

Assist you when you don’t yet have the language to say

“Hey! Back off and stop relegating me to this state of emotional decay!”

Remember girls your crying is the signal that something is astray

So pay attention to your tears

And figure out what you really need to make clear

That you want to say no

That you’re not a dumb ho

That you’re angry

That will not put up with his hanky panky

That you feel misunderstood, judged

And that you’re sick of your rep being smudged

So to all my girls, don’t excuse or refuse

Your tears. They’re your cue

That you’ve got to verbally spew

Your defiance

So if you see me cryin’, don’t worry- it’s science

And my reminder that I’m not asserting

That which is hurting.