This past week, numerous teen girl patients, more than the usual number, have informed me that they’ve been triggered into hating how they look and who they are when they compare themselves to their peers who post bikini & thong bikini photos of butts and boobs. Many of these posted photos have been of female bodies without faces.

These types of photos also show up on my social media feed.

When my patients bring up these issues with me, I try to help them find empowerment in themselves as intelligent, creative, thoughtful human beings, and not as simply bodies.

And after a couple of photos I saw today, I couldn’t shut myself up. So...this rhyme is for my daughter, my teen girl patients, for all teen boys and girls, for teens struggling with gender identity issues, and for anyone who has a daughter/sister/mother/spouse/girlfriend.


I don’t think it’s feminist

To exist

For the pleasure of misogynists

And the pain of girls who enlist

Bikini clad Instagram photos as self-worth building assists

And I’m pissed

Cuz I partake in social media to express

And seek inspiration to progress

In building intellectual success

But more and more people oppress

With photos of girls’ ass and boobs, no face

And now it seems commonplace

For the female form to be presented as an object that needs to conform

To one deforming norm

Ass and boobs sans face have been transformed

Into a woman’s identity

Instead of what’s above the neck, a free

Thinking person with a brain that can carry on weighty

Discussions and is full of thoughts and feelings that remain

Suppressed because patriarchy deems

Her ideas a needless scheme

Cuz porn & social media have brainwashed guys to the extreme

that girls are supposed to only give ‘em wet dreams and make ‘em cream

And girls when you post your ass & boobs cuz you buy into the pipe dream

Of building self-esteem

By gaining hundreds of likes

You’re reinforcing that there’s only one way to be ladylike

And that’s by using your round parts

To please men

And this is America & you have the right to post body shots again & again

But please listen

More than pissed, I’m worried

Worried for my daughter, my teen patients, and all girls caught in the flurry

Of body as power

Think of it this way before you deflower

Your ability to self empower

When you’re busy posting body snapshots

You’re taking part in the societal plot

To keep women trapped as sexual mascots

Instead of using all your brain energy

To focus on getting a degree or being a presidential nominee

When you post boobs and ass

You’re visually assaulting girls into staying second class

You’re telling your mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, they’re nothin’ more than crass

You’re tellin’ ‘em they’re nothin’ more than a piece of ass.