If I was a surgeon

would the brown skin covering my womanly curves and grin

make your subconscious mistrust

me and deem my words as unjust


because I’m recommending something you think is weird?

If I had a penis and a beard

would my advice regarding difficult family dynamics be revered

instead of smeared?


If I was a God-fearing Christian

would my aim at following the Hippocratic oath be seen with suspicion?


If my evidence based, well intentioned medical recommendations fit your comfort level

would you still think I’m some renegade medical daredevil?


If I let you keep putting me and my proven medical guidance down

do you think I should stick around

simply because as a physician I shouldn’t ever feel knocked down?


Deny if you must but the truth is

this brown woman psychiatrist who provides unpopular but medically proven therapeutic assists

is sometimes dissed and dismissed


because my care goes beyond simply being content with what the family wants

and tries to give more than a bandaid fix like a false front.


And tries to tackle the hard stuff

but my efforts are sometimes met with rebuff.

Because let’s face it, family psychological issues resulting in a youth scapegoat aren’t prioritized

as highly as topics discussed by surgeons or other medical allies.


At the end of the day, to some people, I’m nothing more than a brown woman

who couldn’t possibly have a worthy plan like a man.