If complex family dysfunction

Is your introduction

To the world

Than you may grow up furled

Surviving in fight or flight

Instead of luxurious foresight

Raised by adults, stereotypical

In the despicable

Aspects they choose to make visible

To their teens

Who then only see the smoke screen

Of abuse and power

The adults cower


And I am on a mission to write unrefined.

Because if you’re a diverse teen living trauma

You don’t think and feel your painful drama

In perfect prose

You don’t see what might seem to others as right under your nose

So I write how these teens process and disclose

Their hurt to me in the office

Flawed and cautious

Because I wish someone had

written that way when I was on the launching pad

From adolescence into adult life

I am the YA fiction knife

Cutting through the norm

To give diverse teens I see a platform

Cuz I want them to find a way to transform

Into their best versions

So I’m gonna keep spittin’ my poetic and fictional sermons

Hopin’ to help even one person.