People Talk About Diversity

People talk about diversity

But if it’s not written pretty

Then it’s sometimes dismissed

To the literary blacklist

But I’m here to insist

That to impose western

Writing standards to a marginalized sector

Of colored youth is akin to minimizing

Traumatic experiences, like expecting

Rani, a sexually abused teen to eloquently

Express herself, intelligent as she may be

Or saying her life should only have one plot point

That ain’t real, that’s a close-minded viewpoint

As is how she’s a stigma defined

Naw, that ain’t it

What’s legit

Is that certain brown patriarchy fucked her mind

Like it raped her body so that she became confined

To viewing herself as worthless

And so I wrote her story with raw, unpolished purpose

Cuz to write it perfect would be an untruth

And I’m here to stand up for colored youth

Who’ve been abused and say that Rani

Makes them feel connected and believed

That they’re not outcasts for their neuronally wired misbehavior

Or female friendship failures

So before you discount a brown girl’s writing as poor

Look at, really look at, her coeur

She might be trying to show you what it’s really like

To be the brown girl you so dislike

I should know

I’m one of those brown girls trying to go toe-to-toe

With the dictates of Western lit

Gimme a chance to spit

Without your biased writ

But know that I’m not looking fo’ yo’ pity

Only a chance to show you a new side of diversity.